Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Transparent/Lace skirt

Some inspiration for the black lace skirt I have hanging at the back of my closet...
I really like the mood of a long skirt. There is something mysterious about it..Plus it also reminds me of my mum,who use to wear a long black or plum coloured one back in the 90s..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Style with substance

Attempted to do a random mini ring snapshot when the sterling silver bow ring + a few other goodies from asos arrived. Bit pissed after I took the picture, packed my rings away in the box and realised I forgot to include my other rings. On another note, I finally was able to remove the ring box which had been stuck in the jewellery draw for months. Grr it was so easy too! Although I've learnt my lesson; never place a box with an attached lid in a draw!
I find it especially amusing and fitting how a little 'style with substance' quote made it into the pic I took...I don't even know where it's from or why it's in the picture!
A few other ring pictures to drool over in this post.... ps- I need to head to Fitzroy soon :)

5 inch and up blog
Bohemian Musing
5 inch and up blog

An assortment of rings and accessories

A lot of random things besides the subject made it into this pic..amongst that perfume/lipgloss