Sunday, April 6, 2014

Exciting things coming to FIT

Hello FIT readers! As I write this, we here in the eastern states of Australia are preparing to turn our clocks back an hour as Daylight Savings officially ends...and winter is fast approaching eek dry skin,help!  
The "dwayneesoar" ie moi, has decided it is an appropriate time to resurrect this extinct creature of a blog once again, and this time I promise consistent updates. 
Since I last posted on FIT, things have changed. I've developed an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty, health and food related; not to mention Youtube and Tumblr (which takes up a lot of time, see my tumblr: Future posts on FIT will reflect these interests as well as sprinkles of fashion, music and everything in between. I'm beyond excited to share with you guys the great dwayneesoar discoveries. There is so much to talk about, however I shall leave you with a few sneak peaks...     


One too many lip products in the Uni bag! L-R: Rimmel lipstick, Carmex, Stila, Jemma Kidd, Estee Lauder

What do we have here? A typical haul, duh! Full review coming soon!