Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everlasting love,embracing the past,present and future.

Sandra Cretu sings the hit 80s song Everlasting Love. I only recently stumbled upon the actual song's video clip, and must say it's a fun and humourous clip to watch,especially due to the strangely disturbing but lovable mocking facial expressions.This music clip is unique for such a genre as it doesn't portray love in all its typically cliche forms,rather it celebrates this universal theme through parodies.
Thus, if you're fond of period or baroque romance,Shakespeare,biblical scenes,cavemen(yes you heard right),John Lennon,contemporary romances of the 20th century (from the 20s up to the 80s) or costume dramas makes your heart flutter,enjoy the clip below!

Tell me in the comments if you're able to identify any other references. Have a fabulous day...and dance! Yeah,80s music rock. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A respectable bow

A warm welcome to you all, this is my first post on here! I hope you enjoy sharing this blogging journey with me as much as I have spent countless hours creating it (if only the images could rearrange the way I want them to).

As I'm currently not in a position to go into too much detail about the premise of this blog, I wish to appropriately kick things off by featuring Bowler Hats in my blog today.

There is definitely something alluring and nostalgic about Bowler Hats. In historic times, they were universally worn by gentlemen; it would have been disastrous for one to forget their bowler hat out in public.

Today,however, the bowler hat makes an edgy yet sophisticated casual everyday accessory for women. The small rounded top and brim, and deep black felt material of the hat provides a fancy feminine touch compared to the ones frequently designed for men. Wear the hat out one day and lets hope you attract respect, as much as Mr Collins did in Pride & Prejudice....
You can add fresh florals for a chic touch like Peaches (above).

Well, bowing out for now, see you guys soon!

*Topshop currently stocks bowler hats for 22GBP.

*$30AU at Dangerfield, Australia.
*Images sourced from,maisondereveries.blogpot,misspandorapandora.blogpot,Peaches Geldof & Coco Rocha images via TFS.