Sunday, April 6, 2014

Exciting things coming to FIT

Hello FIT readers! As I write this, we here in the eastern states of Australia are preparing to turn our clocks back an hour as Daylight Savings officially ends...and winter is fast approaching eek dry skin,help!  
The "dwayneesoar" ie moi, has decided it is an appropriate time to resurrect this extinct creature of a blog once again, and this time I promise consistent updates. 
Since I last posted on FIT, things have changed. I've developed an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty, health and food related; not to mention Youtube and Tumblr (which takes up a lot of time, see my tumblr: Future posts on FIT will reflect these interests as well as sprinkles of fashion, music and everything in between. I'm beyond excited to share with you guys the great dwayneesoar discoveries. There is so much to talk about, however I shall leave you with a few sneak peaks...     


One too many lip products in the Uni bag! L-R: Rimmel lipstick, Carmex, Stila, Jemma Kidd, Estee Lauder

What do we have here? A typical haul, duh! Full review coming soon!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Transparent/Lace skirt

Some inspiration for the black lace skirt I have hanging at the back of my closet...
I really like the mood of a long skirt. There is something mysterious about it..Plus it also reminds me of my mum,who use to wear a long black or plum coloured one back in the 90s..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Style with substance

Attempted to do a random mini ring snapshot when the sterling silver bow ring + a few other goodies from asos arrived. Bit pissed after I took the picture, packed my rings away in the box and realised I forgot to include my other rings. On another note, I finally was able to remove the ring box which had been stuck in the jewellery draw for months. Grr it was so easy too! Although I've learnt my lesson; never place a box with an attached lid in a draw!
I find it especially amusing and fitting how a little 'style with substance' quote made it into the pic I took...I don't even know where it's from or why it's in the picture!
A few other ring pictures to drool over in this post.... ps- I need to head to Fitzroy soon :)

5 inch and up blog
Bohemian Musing
5 inch and up blog

An assortment of rings and accessories

A lot of random things besides the subject made it into this pic..amongst that perfume/lipgloss

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Catching up with the Olsen twins & bag rant

I received this studded drawstring bag in the post today from Miss Selfridge in England! For a bag of 10 pounds (reduced), I pretty much got my bargain on the Alexander Wang studded bag version (yes, I have just googled this because I had forgotten why my subconscious was immediately infatuated).

There's 4 ways to wear this bag.I love its lightness,and the ingenious tightening bag lock thing,which you can see at the ends of the string in this pic

If you recall, studded bags have been quite the rage earlier this year, with various blogs going crazy over DIY studding on bags, shoes, tops and jackets. Of course this furore would not have occurred if Balmain did not overtly introduce studs or if the Olsen twins did not decide to abruptly switch to Wang's 'studded masterpiece'.

Moreover I wanted to broach the subject of bag & purse pricing.After spending time looking at the array of wonderful bags offered online, I am disappointed with what Australian retailers offer.Most of the time they are ridiculously UGLY knock-offs with prices triple the amount you would pay overseas. I mean the shipping from China to Australia is far cheaper than one say to England or the United States. Just yesterday I was at Sportsgirl and the bags in my opinion should go join some freak show,really. (This may be my smug induced Miss Selfridge happy chap brain thinking at the moment,so do not get offended!). But really, in all honesty,no one is going to buy the Sportsgirl leather bag or weird washed denim bag with shocking fluro detail for $70.00+.Something like that would belong to Jay Jays.I think Sportsgirl should stick to their vintage canvas/leather bags,and make it their specialty.Tacky glam is a fashion crime..

High end bags on the other hand,my catch up with you will be postponed...

Have you got any fashion rants? Lets hear them in the comments! Thanks for reading :)